Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving Along

I finally pried this photo from the cold dead grip of my dead-batteried camera - it's Maya with her new mom and dad - isn't she just the cutest with her little tongue? :-)

I've found homes for six puppies so far, with two left (plus Dixie). The two remaining puppies are each in a foster home now, so they can get more one-on-one attention and training.

Here's Zoey, who is being fostered by Diann in Fortuna (Diann also happens to operate a wonderful dog walking and pet sitting business called Walk That Dog, which I highly recommend) -

And here's Coco, who just went to a foster home in McKinleyville this morning -

I would love to get both of these girls into permanent homes as soon as possible so if you know anyone looking to add to their family, by all means please send them my way!

So we're puppy-less today here at my house for the first time in over three months. I miss their adorable exuberant puppy energy, but it's also a relief knowing that this project is coming to a close. It's been a fun challenge in some ways, and kind of a huge pain in other ways (mostly just in terms of the time it took away from my family and business - I feel like I have a *lot* of catching up to do).

And that brings me to my final task - finding a home for Dixie! She really deserves to find a place of her own after all she's been through. Unfortunately, at our house she isn't able to be fully integrated into family life because my two crotchety 12-year-old dogs don't care for her. She spends part of her days in the studio with me, part in the back yard with our younger dog Lupe (who gets along great with Dixie), and part kenneled. She really doesn't like being in the kennel now that there aren't any puppies to keep her company. Poor girl...

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