Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puppy Update

Well, I had hoped to keep this blog updated with pics of puppies and their new families as they get adopted, but I have forgotten my camera too many times to mention, and the one time I remembered to snap a photo, my camera battery died and I can't find the charger so the photos are being held hostage until I can find that #%$* charger.

BUT - the good news is, pictures or no pictures, I've found homes for four more puppies since the first adoption I posted about more than a month ago. They are all doing well in their new homes and I'm so happy to be down to only three more puppies to go (plus Dixie). Of the three remaining puppies, two seemed to have a bit more of an alpha sassiness than I care to see, which was difficult for me to do much about since I can't really integrate them into my indoor family life because my two 12-year-old dogs are grumpy and don't like silly puppies bothering them, so I found some wonderful foster families and those two puppies are now in homes, where they are learning some manners in preparation for finding their permanent placements.

The eighth and final puppy has had quite a roller coaster journey this past week. She's my favorite one - very mellow and people-focused, not a jumper, just an all-around sweet girl. About a week ago, I found a fantastic foster home for her as well, then I took her to Petco on Saturday for an adoption event, and a family really liked her and wanted to take her home for a trial visit, which I allowed. Ultimately though, after two days, they decided that a young puppy really wasn't the right fit for their family, so they brought her back to me. I had a couple of promising leads on other homes, which I've diligently been pursuing for the past 24 hours, but those seem to have fizzled as well, so now I have to decide whether to put her back in her foster home or keep her here. I really wish she would just get adopted right away so she can stop getting juggled around so much - she's SO sweet, I know she's going to make some family really, really happy.

Here are some pictures of Juniper (that's the name her foster family gave her when they had her last week) - not great quality pics because I'm using my backup (crappy) camera and they were taken in our icky garage, but she's still so cute.

See her back there snuggled behind her mama?

Juniper is three months old and around 20 pounds. If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting her, please send them my way!

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