Friday, February 18, 2011

Here We Go Again

Here I am, embarking on my seventh blog. Yes, seven. What can I say - I have many interests and I like to compartmentalize. This little bloglet will be dedicated to chronicling my family's adventures with our numerous rescued critters - some permanent and others temporary - but all loved.

I'm guessing that most of my visitors will be people who already know me, but in case not, perhaps a brief intro is warranted... I am a self-employed jewelry artist, married with a five-year-old son, and living in far-Northern California on the coast (Humboldt County). I'm an animal loving vegan, passionately dedicated to making the world a better place both for people and animals in whatever small ways that I can. We currently have three permanent dogs (Hazel, 12; Otis, 12; and Lupe, 2), four turkeys, three ducks, and about a dozen chickens. We're also currently fostering a canine family of nine (more on that in my next post).

Marji & Cally

Constance & Marianne

Lupe (lover of all people and all dogs)

Otis (lovable high strung wierdo)

Hazel (don't let that innocent look fool you)

Some of my other interests besides jewelry making and hanging out with my animals include vegan cooking and juicing/smoothie-ing, fair trade advocacy (and shopping), renovating our previously scuzzy house (the location and yard redeem the house), and yoga.

So... that's me. :-)

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